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Mas Amiel Maury - THE Wine for Easter

It's Easter Monday and you may be well and truly over chocolate by now but in case there's room for more, here's a great simple recipe from La Cucina Italiana that we think will work perfectly with Mas Amiel Maury. [caption id="attachment_1010" align="aligncenter" width="310" caption="Chocolate Covered Fruit Skewers"]Chocolate covered fruit skewers with Mas Amiel Maury[/caption]   This is a great recipe and so simple to do. Basically chop the fruit, peel if necessary and drizzle with chocolate. Get the full recipe details by following the link above. Get the kids involved, make a mess, then enjoy the rewards. The fruit helps to lighten the dish so it's not all about the chocolate and you can use pretty much any fruit you like. If you fancy having a go at an adult version, however, it works really well as a dessert at a party or just as a decadent treat for yourselves. Steep the fruit in alcohol before covering with the chocolate. This won't work with all fruits as some will go soggy but grapes and cherries work particularly well. Use a liqueur of your choice to enjoy a delicious burst of booze in the mouth when you crack through the solid chocolate shell. [caption id="attachment_1011" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Mas Amiel Maury 2010 - Wine for Easter"]Mas Amiel Maury 2010 - Wine for Easter[/caption] Let's add another decadence to the mix with a wine that will work with the dish. Mas Amiel Maury is a red dessert wine made from Grenache grapes that is fortified to maximise the sugars and increase the alcohol. Have a look at a previous blog that explains how it is made and why it matches so well to chocolate. The Mas Amiel Maury is so smooth and luscious thanks to all the unfermented sugar and the Grenache grape offers lashings of rich, dense black cherry and berry fruit. There is a freshness on the finish similar to cranberries that works well with the acidity of the fruit. The whole experience is an exquisite balance of crisp acidity, velvety texture and heaps of ripe fruit. Buy Mas Amiel Maury is available to purchase online or visit us at the Clerkenwell Collection.

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